Harris Cattle Ranch Venue

Welcome to the new cannabis friendly Southern Illinois Fire & Flow venue located on private property at the heart of Shawnee National Forest in amazing Southern Illinois. Over 10 years ago Northern Lights Entertainment started in a back-yard hosting free flow-jams located at Indianapolis, IN. In 2014 N.L.E. branched out to launch a full weekend festival with instructors from all over the world and many amazing flow and music artists. It is time to bring back that feeling of random people coming together to create wonderful memories now at the SO. ILL. Flow retreat and venue in Reynoldsburg, IL.

If you’re a traveling instructor or event attendee needing a cheap place to stay or looking for a venue to host your workshops give N.L.E. a call to discuss more information. We want to give a place for all performers, artiest, and spectators to have where you can practice or enjoy a comfortable stay at an affordable price. We will also be hosting events throughout the year that you may be a part of by filling out an application to work with us or as an attendee. Please visit our application tab to send us information about what you would like to provide during upcoming events.

Camping Prices not During Events: R.V. Spot $30 for 50 AMP per-night, $15 Small Campsite per-day (limited 2 people max), $25 Large Campsite per-day (Limited 6 people max), Children under age 12 do not count towards campsite person max. (Example: Family of 4 with 2 kids, ages 15 & 10, would need two small campsites or one big campsite)

Rent Venue: $750 per day

This is a rustic venue with no showers and port-o-potties only.

There are no tent sites with power hookup’s, although generators can be brought to campsite.

There are limited number of power RV spots located on venue property and will be a first come reservation status only. There is no dumping station on venue, so if bringing RV please prepare properly.
Please pack accordingly depending on weather conditions when preparing for trip to SO. ILL. Flow venue.

All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian only. Wrist bands will be given to all children and parents with corresponding campsite numbers to help ensure safety. This option helps our staff significantly in cases of lost children, so please comply if bringing any young ones to enjoy as well.

No climbing on bluff’s or natural rock formations. It will not be allowed to damage property in any shape, way, or form. Please help protect the natural rock formations located throughout the property.

No ground fires with the exception for above ground fire pits only.
Firewood will be provided, for purchase, from management located at entrance. Firewood will be set as first come serve until supply is used.

Local town Vienna, IL located 15 miles South from SO. ILL. Flow campground for food, camping supplies, and gas.

Venue has water access and limited power usage

Venue Dates Open April 1st – October 31st