2021 schedule

“First Friday Fire & Flow Meetup”

May 7 – 8

June 4 – 5

July 1 – 4

August 6 – 7

September 3 – 4

October 1 – 2

Southern Illinois Fire & Flow retreats will host workshops focusing on techniques to help overcome obstacles blocking our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Fear comes in many forms and some hinder us from becoming stronger or more knowledgeable. Example are you afraid to ask for a promotion or more pay, maybe you are ready to launch a business but can only focus on negative outcomes. In our workshops you will find powerful ways of thinking to overcome these internal fears. After leaving a retreat you will have the tools and mental positive power to overcome any obstacle in your way.

Early-Bird Tickets: $40

Event Gates Open 10 A.M. – 10 P.M.

Grant, Firewalking

The SO. ILL. Flow retreat venue will have tent campsites and parking included with ticket purchase. All R.V. sites have power hookups with a water access spout 25 feet away but are limited. There is an additional fee to ticket cost when also renting R.V. spot, please contact staff when reserving R.V. spot with ticket purchase. Our venue is split into wooded or open area camping where you may park cars at campsite in open area only. There are hiking trails leading down through to wooded campsites next to bluffs, waterfalls, and a flowing creek for a beautiful scenic landscape across the property. There are many public hiking trails only 1 mile from venue and bike trail in local town of Vienna.

We will have local DJ’s also performing at our stage each night once workshops have ended for the day. This will be a communal space provided for all attendees to meet and discuss ideas as well dance, play, and perform fire manipulation activities. Your ticket purchase will cover all days of camping and workshops.

SO. ILL. Flow is a leave no trace retreat. What you bring in must be taken when you leave or thrown away in dumpster. Dumpster will be located at end of exit road leaving venue. If not able to comply with this rule an assessment will be made looking at the condition campsite is left as and may result in denial of future stay.

All ages are welcome

No Illegal substances of any kind

Pets Welcome but must be on leash and picked up after. If your pet is a nuisance to other attendees, we will give 3 warnings before asking to leave property with no refund.

No alcohol will be provided but attendees over legal drinking age may bring their own.

Tent Camping & RV Camping Allowed

Open fire circle for performers with fueling / spinoff station

Want to teach a workshop or share a skill? Please feel out one of our applications to be selected as an instructor, live music performance, or vendor.

Helping individual’s find inner strength to overcome any obstacle through positive motivation techniques.

Fire Walking
Fire Circle