2021 events

Southern Illinois Fire & Flow will host six workshop focused events in 2021 located at Harris Cattle Ranch

Support from

Northern Lights Entertainment

Cannabis Friendly Venue

Our new all ages, pet-friendly venue located in Southern Illinois.

Multiple Workshops

Including Yoga, Meditation, Object Manipulation, Firewalking & more…

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2021 workshops ⇒


Southern Illinois Fire & Flow retreats will host workshops focusing on techniques to help overcome obstacles blocking our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Fear comes in many forms and some hinder us from becoming stronger or more knowledgeable.

Fire Walking

harris cattle ranch

If you’re a traveling instructor or event attendee needing a cheap place to stay or looking for a venue to host your workshops give N.L.E. a call to discuss more information. We want to give a place for all performers, artiest, and spectators to have where you can practice or enjoy a comfortable stay at an affordable price.